Tempus Group Dig,

Sunday 27th Septhember 2015

It is with great pleasure I bring you a brief summary of today's dig at Bosley


The weather couldn't have been any better sunny and warm. It was great to see so many of the club on a dig. Great company and like minded people. New member Chris and his chief digger(haha maybe it's time for your own detector hint hint)


First blood went to John with his George III gilded token early on in the day then came numerous copper coins pennies and half pennies from most people. Buttons also showing themselves as always


Double d had to go early as the boss wanted some attention haha, But the day carried on but we did miss him xx


After consulting the official definition of a hoard I'm claiming I've found a hoard 4 coins in 1 hole just because they add up to 6pence is neither here nor there so hooray for me yeah!


Congrats to Chris Naylor and his mate for the longest time spent in a hole with only a bit of wire as a reward ( well done Jason Hulme for his pin pointer haha) never mind as they say there's always the next hole guys.


Many thanks 'Axel' for permission to dig his land and thanks to Dave for eating all the cake and donuts


Cheers guys for a great day


Jase Washington