As well as general metal detecting, Tempus offer several other services free of charge.


Archaeological Surveys


Tempus are able to offer our services to archaeological organisations as part of active digs or preliminary surveys. Tempus has several accredited archaeologists as members and work to standards required by the archaeological community.


Free Recovery Service


We provide a free recovery service in the Congleton & District area.


If you have lost a ring, jewellery, keys or any precious metal object and you have permission to search for it in the area it was lost, Tempus can assist in it's retrieval.


Forensic site detection


Tempus are able to offer this service to Police or other officialdoms to aid in active investigations.


For more information regarding Tempus Metal Detecting, to discuss Tempus members conducting a metal detecting survey of your land, or to discuss membership. Please contact:


Dave Sadler

28 William Street




Telephone: 07805688610
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