Bosley Rally - Sunday 30th August



On behalf of all Tempus members and associates. We would like to thank all 72 participants, Landowners, suppliers and those who donated items for the Rally for Bosley. We were gobsmacked at the amount of generous people and interest in the event. Digger Dawns YouTube video of the event link is above.


Also on behalf of the Bosley appeal fund, we offer thanks for the massive final total raised inclusive of additional donations of £1594.68


Following to the harrowing events at Bosley in Cheshire on Friday 17th July 2015, where a wood treatment plant exploded, Killing several people, injuring many more and destroying a community, Tempus organised a Metal detecting rally in aid of the #helpbosley fund. The event took place on Sunday 30th August 2015 near Congleton.

Tempus are based in Congleton which is in shock at the events, some members being local to the site and knowing people affected personally. We were kindly given permission from a landowner in the next village of Rushton Spencer to detect 70 acres of land.


The area is rich in history, locally the site is a mile from the Bridestones neolithic burial cairn, a similar distance from a historic church and Holy well, the Earlsway- historic route used by the Earls of Chester as a tax route, several roman roads, one passing through the site, as do several historic pathways. A number of Bronze Age burial mounds and camps also lie within a short distance, a Bronze Age axe head was found on a recent Tempus dig locally. The site was also passed close to by a Jacobite battalion enroute to Derby.


72 intrepid participants were able to follow the signs to the remote 70 acre site near Congleton, and were met with a beautiful warm day, perfect detecting conditions. We were also able to have in attendance members of the Help Bosley committee, New Dawn Photography, and local historian/journalist/author and media personality Doug Pickford.

We were also grateful for the attendance of TVs Adam Partridge and his family who acted as official event launch guests.


In total 7 fields were utilised. 1-5 from 9am and 6 -7 from 12pm. Participants had the luxury to spread widely in a hilly terrain with views of the Peak District. Within minutes of the start, people in the area local to the base camp were bent to retrieve there first finds.


Tempus Marshalls - Dave Sadler and Jason Washington took turns in exploring the site and liaising with detectorists, a wonderful social umbrella aired throughout the site. Within 1 hour the first find of consequence was radioed through to the marshals. An 18.5mm circumference, 24.7mm length, 8.3 gram ornate ball with protruding segments was found by Alan Aslett. The item had potential to be numerous things, but a tweet to Finds Liaison Officer - Vanessa Oakden (Who was unable to attend due to prior commitments) found this to be a silver Medieval Hairpin with gilding, Vanessa responded excitedly that because of the gilding, this would be classed as treasure. Not bad for the days first major find.

Conversations were held with numerous other participants, numerous coins were found ranging from late 1700s to modern denomination, as were buttons, badges, lead bag seals and the bain of the metal detectorist, the cow ointment tube..


With thanks to Metal detecting teams Team of Nottingham and Team of Yorkshire, New Dawn Photography and Dawn Chipchase we were able to provide free drinks and a BBQ of polish sausages and burgers at Lunch time.

Tempus member Dave Sadler acted as substitute FLO to log finds deemed of consequence to the Portable Antiquities Scheme.


Immediately folk began to offer items for recording, luckily Tempus Member Graham Wither was on hand to offer identification to most items. 3 hammered coins - A Henry Vlll penny, a Charles 1st copper penny and a silver hammered of unknown denomination ( currently) , 4 musket balls, the medieval silver gilded hair pin and an unknown roman coin were all photographed, weighed, measured and logged and detectorists set off again for the afternoon.


At this point a gentleman approached us to see if the FLO was in attendance, bringing the day’s top find, a 3500 year old Bronze Palstave axe head. Jaws dropped, hands shaken and the item logged.  Congratulations Andy Berry who received a Detectorbits donated huntmaster pro pinpointer for the awesome find.


A great day ended with prize awards and the raffle, including a fantastic metal detecting cake provided by Tempus member Debs Tansley, which was demolished by everybody within minutes.


Thank you to all who attended, donated and assisted in raising so much money for a fantastic cause, and may the memories of all the people who died in the Bosley tragedy live on forever.


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