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The Congleton Coin Hoard. A spectacular trove of more than 3,000 Tudor and Stuart coins. It was buried in a field between 1670 and 1675 and is believed to have belonged to wealthy Congleton businessman John Walker. Discovered by Tempus member Philip Bordley. Part of this hoard is available to view at Congleton Museum. Click below button to access report.

The Congleton Hoard

A number of 900 year old silver pennies were discovered at Betley in Cheshire by Tempus detectorist Graham Withers. Click link below for article in the Stoke sentinel

The Betley Hoard Tempus

Tempus Metal detecting and Archaeology group. Delivered an interesting and rare find to one of the North West Finds Liaison Officers – Vanessa Oakden.


The find of 19 Jettons would normally constitute a hoard and classed as treasure if they were actually coins. But in this case as they are only coin like, are not classed as such. The find made on a site in Shropshire was made by 3 members. Primarily Graham Withers who discovered a scatter of 14 tokens, Dave Clarke with 3 and Dave Sadler 1.

Tempus Jeton Hoard