Tempus work closely with Finds Liaison Officers from the Portable Antiquities Scheme. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, all finders of gold and silver objects, and groups of coins from the same finds, over 300 years old, have a legal obligation to report such items under the Treasure Act 1996. Prehistoric base-metal assemblages found after 1st January 2003 also qualify as Treasure.


This page has been created to offer direct links to Tempus finds on the Portable Antiquities Scheme Database. All items have been discovered by Tempus members and are offered here for peer and interested parties review.


Please click on each button to take you directly to the PAS database and members individual items,

Tempus and the Portable Antiquities Scheme

The Portable Antiquities Scheme Iron age Sickle - Dave Clarke Barrell tap - Dave Sadler Iron Age Stud - Dave Sadler Bronze Age Axe - Jim Barnes Early Medieval Staff - Graham Withers Roman Dolphin Broach - Dave Clarke Medieval Dagger - Dave Clarke Medieval Key - Dave Clarke Seal Matrix - Graham Withers Stirrup-strap mount - Graham Withers Medieval loom weight - Dave Sadler Medieval staff mount - Dave Clarke Roman coin - Dave Clarke Edward III Groat - Dave Clarke